Duvet Buyers Guide

There are two essential elements to consider when deciding on the best duvet to select and these are Filling and Tog Rate.

FILLING :  The choice here is between Natural or Synthetic filling. For our Natural duvets we use only Irish Feather and Down, and for our synthetic we recommend our Luxury Microfibre Down Alternative – which has the feel of natural down but is a totally synthetic fibre.

All of our duvets are box stitched to ensure an even distribution of the filling throughout the duvet and prevent it all falling to one end. We use only 100% cotton outer casings which are 233 thread count and do not allow the feather or down to permeate through.

The TOG RATE you decide on is a very important choice as your want your guests to feel warm and comfortable but not over heated. A good all year round tog rate is 10.5 tog. If you are looking for a lighter alternative for the summer months 4.5 tog would be a good choice.


White Duck Feather & Down – Feather and Down duvets contain a mix of approximately 85% small feathers and 15% down clusters. The difference between feathers and down clusters is that the feather is long and flat with a fine quill running along the centre and thicker strands attached to the quill. The long flat shape means more filling is required to provide the same insulation as down resulting in a heavier feeling duvet with more bulk – this gives the feeling of weight.

White Duck Down: Down provides an undercoat on the bird of soft spherical clusters. It does not have a quill and the strands which radiate from the centre are very fine and fluffy. Shaped like a dandelion head, it has the ability to spring back into shape if flattened – this makes Down products lofty with the ability to trap air all around the clusters. A duvet which is 85% down and just 15% small feather will feel much lighter than one made with mostly small feathers. This second option offers a really soft light duvet offering optimum warmth.

Microfibre: The fibres used in Microfibre are extra fine resulting in a luxurious silky soft duvet which is light and comfortably snug without a feeling of heavy weight. Our microfibre duvets are encased in 100% cotton covers and boxed stitched to keep the filling evenly dispersed. To maintain the feeling of luxury in your duvet choices but your preference is synthetic over natural, then a microfibre duvet is the right choice.