Pillow Buyers Guide

We all know that a comfortable pillow is often the answer to a restful night’s sleep – and a good night’s sleep will mean waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. There is nothing worse than putting your head on your pillow and finding that it is lumpy, or too hard, or too soft and spending half the night twisting and turning and trying to get comfortable ! But how do you get it right?  Everybody has different preferences. When you think about it, pillows take a lot of wear – every night they get crushed under our heads and through time this will result in the pillow losing its support and ability to bounce back, it may become lumpy, hard or too flat. Choosing a filling that will endure constant use will result in a good experience for the hotel guest as the pillow will retain it’s “like new” feel.

We make a wide range of superior quality pillows designed exclusively for the hotel to provide a comfortable and resilient pillow.

Our fillings can be natural or synthetic. While we provide 2 standard sizes – 75cm x 50cm and 90cm x 50cm, we are happy to discuss special sizes and add labels to create a bespoke product for your hotel.



  • Duck Feather & Down: Our primary feather and down pillow consists of 80% small flat feather and 20% down clusters. The feathers give the pillow plenty of bulk for a good sturdy medium to firm support pillow. The Down adds softness and extra comfort.
  • 50% Feather and 50% Down: if you wish to provide a softer pillow but keep it as medium support
  • Down surround pillow: This pillow consists of an inner chamber filled with small duck feather which is surrounded by a layer of fluffy down providing the luxury feel of down with the medium support of feather.
  • White Duck Down: A light, soft, indulgent pillow filled with 70% duck down for a softer support. This pillow is encased in a 100% cotton cambric shell.  We can add more Down to the pillow to meet your exact requirements.


  • Microfibre: Our microfibre pillows are the obvious choice when it comes to an alternative to natural down and feather products. Microfibre is a loose fibre with a light and fluffy texture that perfectly mimics down, so you get that same luxurious feeling. Its anti allergy properties gives you peace of mind for guests who may be concerned about sleeping on Feather or Down, whilst the cotton cover provides breathability for a comfortable sleep.


  • Hollowfibre : this is the budget end of our pillow range, hollowfibre is a much more coarse fibre and offers a firm pillow encased in a polycotton cover. While the pillow starts its life with some bounce and shape, over a relatively short time the fibres tend to clump together and the pillow becomes quite hard.


  • Buckwheat: Use of Buckwheat in a pillow is Japanese tradition. The hull that encases buckwheat seeds are used, which are springy under compression but provide a firm, contouring support head and neck. Because they claim to ease tension and strain through spinal alignment, they have become popular sleep support aides. The drawbacks need to be considered also, they are reported to be quite noisy and unsuitable for side sleepers. This is a pillow maybe more suited for therapy rooms or short nap times. Our Buckwheat pillow is a microfibre filling with special panels that encase the Buckwheat.