Duck Feather & Down

Feather and Down duvets contain a mix of approximately 85% small feathers and 15% down clusters. The difference between feathers and down clusters is that the feather is long and flat with a quill running along the centre and thicker strands attached to the quill. The long flat shape means more filling is required to provide the same insulation as down resulting in a heavier feeling duvet with more bulk this gives the feeling of weight. Natural duvets can be made in a wide range of tog values to suit almost any specification from 4.5tog being the lightest summer weight to 13.5tog .

Our duvets are available in the following sizes:

Single 135cm x 200cm
Twin 170cm x 230cm
Double 200cm x 200cm
King 225cm x 225cm
Superking 260cm x 220cm
Large Superking 270cm x 220cm
Emperor 280cm x 230cm